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Angular silica sand



spherical silica sand 


Application for shell mold casting

·Casting materials: cast iron, steel, aluminium alloy, etc.

1、 Casting types: camshaft、crankshaft、engine cylinder block、gearbox、exhaust pipe、turbocharged shell、valve、disc, etc. Especially for castings of inner cavity with high surface finish requirement,the surface finish can reach 3.2-6.3. 

2、 Examples:

(1) Spherical fused silica sand is used in stacked boxes casting technology of iron casting,the yield of finished product is much higher;

(2) Spherical fused silica sand is suitable for castings with small processing allowance and required dimensional accuracy;

(3) To improve the qualification rate of finished products, for example, The number of castings cast with spherical silica sand in 1 ton molten steel is about 15% more than that cast by the original process.


Application for investment casting

·Casting Material: Stainless Steel、Low Alloy Steel、Carbon Steel, etc.

1、 Casting type: valve plate, sewing machine parts, impellers, etc.

2、 Examples:

(1) Spherical fused silica sand powder is used as surface slurry (silica sol) and spherical fused silica sand as surface sand casting stainless steel and carbon steel castings with good quality, will not increase the follow-up process, can completely replace zircon sand, reduce production cost;

(2) The mixing of zircon powder and spherical silica sand powder in a ratio of 1:1 does not affect the quality of castings at all. At the same time, the collapsibility of shell can be improved and the production cost can be reduced.


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