Product introduction

The ultra-white and ultra-fine calcined kaolin for coating industry produced by Tangshan Madison Kaolin Co., Ltd. has a relatively fine particle size and a very high aspect ratio. In coatings, it can provide extremely high dry hiding power and outstanding tinting strength. Therefore, it is often used to partially replace imported titanium dioxide to reduce product costs. As a functional filler, Baixue can be used in water-based and oil-based systems, especially in the fields where the whiteness of the product is quite high.  


Product Advantage

1. Compared with other kinds of kaolin products, in addition to the common characteristics of low impurity content, strong chemical inertness, and easy dispersion, it can provide higher hiding power and maximize the tinting power of pigments.  

2. It has higher whiteness than similar products and provides pure color.

3. It can be used in latex paint to adjust the gloss of the paint film, suitable for semi-gloss and matte paint.

4. It can be used in water-based and solvent-based coatings to improve the mechanical properties of the paint film and improve the scrub resistance and antifouling ability of the paint film.  

5. Partial replacement of titanium dioxide, without affecting the whiteness and dry hiding power of the paint film. In the case of maintaining and improving the original mechanical properties of the paint film, the cost of the coating is reduced.





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