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Tianjin Zexi Energy Monitoring System Helps Factory Realize Best Energy Saving Benefit

Tianjin Zexi Energy Monitoring System Helps Factory Realize Best Energy Saving Benefit


Tianjin Zexi Energy Monitoring System Helps Factory Realize Best Energy Saving Benefit



 Of the four major expenditure costs of modern industrial enterprises, three have been effectively controlled, but the expenditure cost of the last energy consumption is still not effectively controlled.  Therefore, whether the expenditure cost of energy consumption can be controlled is the key factor restricting industrial enterprises to reduce the overall operation and maintenance cost.  In response to this situation, Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing Co., Ltd. introduced an energy detection system.


On the other hand, under the background of the in-depth promotion of "green economy" and "low-carbon economy" at the national and social levels, Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing co., ltd. also pays more attention to its own energy consumption level and actively takes energy-saving measures to reduce the energy consumption cost of enterprises and improve the energy utilization rate and economic benefits of industrial enterprises.
In recent years, because of the technical accumulation of technical personnel in Tianjin Zexi Power Department, deep cultivation of system integration software knowledge in the power industry and the use of its own rich energy-saving technologies and application experience in various industries, it has successfully established an energy management platform suitable for the high-energy-consuming places used by the company and has helped the factory to realize energy management through many methods such as energy monitoring, energy consumption and benefit analysis, equipment management and so on to achieve the purpose of saving energy, reducing emission and reducing operation and maintenance costs.



The program of the project

 Tianjin Zexi Mine Processing Co., Ltd. has formulated a corresponding solution to the energy management method of the complex building factory area, integrating industrial automation products such as Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing Co., Ltd. energy monitoring system, multifunctional power meters and industrial Ethernet network.  Among them, the multifunctional power meter is responsible for collecting the power consumption parameters and power quality data of different energy consuming equipment in each factory area and transmitting all the energy consumption data in the factory to the energy monitoring system of Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing co., ltd. through the industrial Ethernet network to carry out visual monitoring and analysis of energy consumption data, help the factory find energy saving space, provide energy consumption data support for the company to formulate energy saving measures,plans and finally realize the purpose of improving the overall energy management efficiency and utilization rate of the factory area.


Energy Efficiency of Energy Management System to Factory
   After introducing the energy monitoring system solution of Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing co., ltd, the company can realize the following benefits:

7 * 24-hour real-time monitoring: The energy monitoring system platform of Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing Co., Ltd. supports remote browsing and users can realize real-time monitoring of the operation status and energy consumption status of various equipment in the plant area through intelligent equipment.

Visualization of energy consumption data: Customers can roughly understand the usage of various departments and various energy consumption media through the energy billboard of the energy management system. Customers can know the equipment status in detail through remote browsing, grasp the energy information anytime and anywhere, and predict the possible failure conditions of the equipment through abnormal analysis of energy consumption of the energy consumption equipment to reduce the failure rate of the equipment.
Formulate scientific energy-saving strategies: Through the energy monitoring system of Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing co., ltd., equipment management personnel can solve the problems such as error prone and inaccurate data caused by manual meter reading, timely analyze energy consumption data of various parts and equipment, control key energy consumption and energy costs, formulate energy strategies and improve energy consumption management level.


Establish reasonable energy performance indicators:Through monitoring and analysis of energy performance indicators and then standardize energy use behavior, data can be collected according to workshops, departments, processes, teams and groups, production lines or equipment and KPI energy consumption assessment indicators can be formulated to achieve energy conservation goals.


Grasp the cost of electricity and improve the efficiency of energy utilization: The system has a comprehensive management report, can query historical data online, and has various statistical and analysis tools to identify loops with low power factor and implement power factor improvement measures.  Alarm for peak demand of energy consumption, trend analysis, reduction of maximum demand of energy consumption and prevention of excessive fines for electricity consumption through peak cutting, valley filling and turnoff load control.

   The energy management solution with the energy monitoring system at the core of Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing co., ltd. has played an active role in helping factories monitor the energy consumption of equipment, master the energy consumption information of factories, discover energy-saving space and formulate energy-saving improvement plans.  During the introduction of the energy monitoring system scheme of Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing co., ltd., the failure rate and energy consumption level of energy-consuming equipment have been greatly reduced to help the factory realize the unified monitoring and management of energy-consuming equipment, demonstrating the great energy-saving application value of the energy monitoring system scheme of Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing co., ltd.


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