Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology has obvious advantages and is popularized and applied in the food industry


As we all know, the development of aviation and military has derived many high-tech products, and these technologies and equipment eventually serve the production and life of human beings. In the 1950s, the development of space technology accelerated the industrial process of air liquefaction and separation, and liquid nitrogen was also industrialized at this time, laying the foundation for its subsequent application in the food quick-freezing industry.

In the 1960s, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology first emerged in the frozen food industry in the United States and was promoted. According to reports, the liquid nitrogen quick-freezer and production line not only occupy a small area, but also refrigerate quickly, with minimal damage to the food itself, which can ensure the original taste of frozen food to a greater extent.

Compared with developed countries such as the United States, my country's liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology started 10 years later. Statistics show that in the early 1970s, my country has developed a liquid nitrogen quick-frozen food production line. With the development of society, consumers' requirements for the taste, nutrition and other aspects of frozen food continue to increase. The traditional ammonia food quick-freezer can no longer meet the market demand and is replaced by the more advantageous liquid nitrogen quick-freezer. Indeed, liquid nitrogen quick-freezers have unparalleled advantages in food refrigeration. The seafood treated with liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology has almost the same taste and color as the live one after thawing, and the original moisture of the seafood is well locked, which is of high quality and low loss for the operator. In the past, seafood frozen by freezing technology not only failed to meet the high-quality requirements for freshness, but also suffered serious loss of original moisture after thawing. In addition, the original freezing technology further reduces the quality of food because the freezing time is too long.